{April 16 2012}


Norilsk, a ski resort town in Russia, is famous for its snow skiing, beauty and privacy that it offers. Mikhail Prokhorov, the most handsome billionaire likes this ski resort town and loves to spend his leisure time here. Mikhail is really passionate about skiing, and this place also is one of best exotic locations in Russia. The surrounding areas of Norilsk are naturally treeless tundra, and the climate is extremely harsh, about -35 degrees Celsius. The city remains covered with snow for 250-270 days a year, and the sun doesn’t set for more than six weeks. The place has the largest nickel-copper-palladim deposits in the world.

Location: Norilsk is located between Central Siberian Plateau and West Siberian Plain at the foot of 1,700 meter high Putoran Mountains.


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